Williams and Hairston New Roles, Responsibilities

Williams and Hairston Assume New Roles at PEP, New Responsibilities in the Community

Greenville, S.C. – February 28, 2018 – Public Education Partners (PEP), Greenville County’s only nonprofit focused solely on improving K-12 public education, is proud to recognize two employees that are making big strides both within our organization and the community: Angel Williams and Steve Hairston.

Williams has recently been promoted to the role of PEP’s Vice President of Advancement, a position specifically created to highlight her diverse strengths in planning, programming and donor engagement.

“I’m delighted to continue my role in deepening relationships with PEP donors from all across the county and to expand my role in strategic planning and program innovation,” said Williams. “There is such a willingness from this community, and from our friends in Greenville County Schools, to roll up sleeves to tackle the issues that children and teachers face. I look forward to expanding and refining PEP programs and partnerships to ensure we’re being good stewards and providing evidence-based tools and resources that ultimately result in great things for all kids.”

Additionally, Williams is part of Furman University’s Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI). This organization provides an engaging educational forum for executives and senior managers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. WLI offers a unique and impactful opportunity for women to broaden their level of awareness on a wide range of topics, address real-world challenges in the workplace and community, expand their professional network and support the continued progression of women in society.

“The Women’s Leadership Institute provides a unique opportunity to consider the lens I use to view the world, and leadership and power, but also a safe space to examine how I view myself and how I view other women,” said Williams. “I look forward to learning from and forming enduring connections with dynamic women from across the Upstate community.”

Hairston’s new title as the Agency and Advocacy Director is indicative of how his role within PEP, and PEP’s advocacy arm, has grown in just over a year.

“I am excited about my new role because I feel our community members can make a difference in legislation, which supports and elevates public education,” Hairston said. “If I can focus my efforts on obtaining and encouraging members of Greenville’s community to be voices for better quality schools, I feel we all can be a vehicle for driving home the importance of public schools as a vital tool necessary for a more prosperous Greenville and South Carolina.”

Additionally, Hairston is one of 42 leaders from across the Upstate and surrounding area selected to participate in the Riley Institute at Furman’s Diversity Leaders Initiative (DLI) this spring. For five months, participants learn about diversity and inclusion blind spots and how to suspend assumptions, and they work in groups to respond to real issues and opportunities in the community through service projects. DLI graduates become Riley Fellows, members of a statewide leadership network that includes CEOs, mayors, city and county council members, legislators, school superintendents, non-profit heads and community leaders.

“I am truly honored and humbled to be chosen as a member of the DLI family,” Hairston said. “I look forward to learning more about how diversity makes up the fabric of our state and connecting with other community leaders who are equally as passionate about being an agent of positive societal growth.”


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