Whaley Named Interim CEO

Angel Whaley
Interim President & CEO

The Board of Directors of Public Education Partners (PEP) is pleased to announce that Angel Whaley, PEP’s Vice President of Advancement, will serve as PEP’s interim President and CEO beginning Monday, June 17th. Angel will serve in this interim executive capacity until the search for a new President and CEO concludes in late summer/early fall, providing PEP sound, focused leadership upon Dr. Ansel Sanders’ departure at the end of June. We are appreciative of Angel’s willingness and excitement to lead PEP during this transition, which is captured best by Angel herself:   


I’m thrilled to fulfill the role of interim President and CEO for Public Education Partners as we search for the next leader of our esteemed organization. I could not be more proud to continue our efforts to support public education, which is a critical lever for both Greenville and South Carolina’s continued prosperity and global competitiveness. Since 2015, I’ve been honored to work alongside our staff and Board of Directors, responding to the unique challenges of students and teachers in Greenville County Schools—a district which grows in size by nearly 1,000 students per year.

With generous support from our community partners and philanthropic and corporate leaders, we’re entering PEP’s 35th year of strengthening and advancing public education and student achievement in Greenville County Schools. Every day at Public Education Partners is different, which makes it a wonderful place to work. This week, we’re launching Make Summer Count Family Reading Nights to reinforce year-round family literacy in the home while also researching and developing our 2020 policy agenda and planning our 2019-2020 efforts to increase teacher recruitment, retention, and morale.

The PEP team wishes Ansel and his family the very best in Woodberry Forest, VA. We have no doubt he will continue to energize education advocates throughout Virginia and feel confident that PEP is backed by a phenomenal staff, Board of Directors, community investors, and district partners including Dr. Royster, and GCS Board Chair Chuck Saylors – all of whom are actively engaged with us to best serve our 76,000 students and nearly 6,000 teachers.

As Angel begins her service as interim President and CEO, the PEP executive search committee continues its diligent work and partnership with Find Great People (FGP) to source and locate a slate of strong candidates. We have finalized a position profile for the incoming President and CEO, which FGP and the search committee will use to evaluate candidates. The following Directors and PEP staff have been named to PEP’s search committee:

  • John Kaup, Chair (Board)
  • Nathan Galbreath (Board)
  • Julio Hernandez (Board)
  • Susan Shi (Board)
  • Lee Yarborough (Board)
  • Angel Whaley (Staff)
  • Lindsey Jacobs (Staff)

Do you know of a good potential candidate for this position, or perhaps you might be interested? The search committee encourages you to connect and share such information with Robyn Ezzell, FGP’s Non-profit Executive Search Manager, via email: rezzell@fgp.com.

Thank you for your continued support of Public Education Partners! 

My best,

John G. Kaup

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