A Message from Public Education Partners

As our community strives to respond to COVID-19 and its impact, all of us at Public Education Partners are reminded of how critically important public schools are to our civic life.

Not just because they are a safe space where our children learn to be educated, engaged, empathetic members of our society, but because of everything else that happens in our school buildings as well.

Kids receive healthy meals that keep their bodies strong and minds sharp. They access health care services and mental health supports. Families are connected to a broad network of social service providers. Schools are at the heart of our neighborhoods and communities.

While all of our children benefit from these services, they are most critical to those who are vulnerable. This is something that we should never take for granted.

Thank you to Greenville County Schools leadership, administrators, teachers, and staff for their tireless work over the last few weeks and in the days to come as we navigate this moment. We are proud to stand with you and other community organizations as a partner.

The Public Education Partners offices will be closed until Greenville County Schools reopen, although we remain reachable via phone and email. Please keep an eye on our social media platforms for critical information from the District and other partners, along with any updates about our own programming.

Be well.

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