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Our mission is to lead our community in acting collectively to support, strengthen, and advance public education and student achievement in Greenville County Schools.

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Lessons Learned by Shasta Looper

The return to school in 2020 brought a mixed bag of emotions for most educators I know. For me personally, I began to experience feelings and emotions that weren’t normally equated with the start of school in August. Typically, I would be full of excitement, eagerness, and anticipation about what the new year will hold. […]

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PEP’s 2021 Advocacy Agenda

Fellow advocates, To state the obvious, 2020 was a very difficult year for public education. I once heard the former long-time Executive Director of Spartanburg Academic Movement, John Stockwell, describe public schools as “the centers of gravity in our communities.” If I had doubted John’s words then – and I didn’t – the Covid-19 pandemic […]

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PEP Blog: Elevating Teachers

Public Education Partners is launching a new Elevating Teachers Blog. We are excited to welcome you to this space designed to share messages that uplift, encourage, and inspire educators. Consider it a virtual wellness room – a place where we can help cultivate resilience and empower each other in the midst of challenges and uncertainty. […]

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