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We are dedicated to providing the brightest possible future for Greenville’s children by investing in excellent public schools and quality teachers. We work everyday to support, strengthen, and advance public education and student achievement in Greenville County Schools.
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Strategic Pillars

Elevating Teachers

Research shows that having excellent teachers in the classroom is the most critical lever for student achievement. To that end, we will support teacher recruitment, retention, and morale, and position Greenville as a community that deeply values and champions public school education.

Engaging Communities

Public education impacts every aspect of our social fabric. As such, we will serve as a convener, innovator, and thought partner at a systems level to connect with people and ideas in improving educational attainment and community outcomes.

Empowering Advocates

Much of what happens in our classrooms is determined by policies enacted at the local, state, and federal level. For this reason, we will pursue an advocacy agenda that supports our mission and builds a space for supporters to learn, engage, and lift their voices in support of public education.

2023-2024 School Year

News & Updates

Mullins Grant Cycle 24-25

Public Education Partners is committed to supporting the recruitment and retention of high quality teachers in Greenville County Schools. The Mullins Grant aims to help fund school-wide, innovative strategies that boost teacher retention in schools and help school leaders meet their strategic goals in this area.   


PEP will award four grants to schools, each for up to $2500!


As you are planning ahead with your administrative team for next school year, consider applying for this funding opportunity brought to you by Public Education Partners. We’d love to join you in elevating the experiences of teachers who are making a difference in the lives of students in your school!


Application submissions are due by July 22, 2024.  Apply here!

Teacher Fellows 2024-2025

Educators are leaders in their classrooms, their schools, and their communities. They are powerful advocates for our students and we aim to amplify their voices through leadership opportunities like our Teacher Fellows program.


Teacher Fellows is a half-year policy and advocacy fellowship for Greenville County Schools educators. Participants will meet twice monthly to learn from experts, discuss education policy in South Carolina, and develop their advocacy skills. This is an intensive fellowship and will require out-of-session work, including but not limited to, readings, research, and journal entries.

Participants will earn a stipend of $1,200.

Just Say Something

We are grateful to Phillip Clark, Executive Director of Just Say Something, for the opportunity to come on the organization’s podcast and share the latest about what PEP is doing to support public education in Greenville and beyond.

Catherine discussed PEP’s advocacy work, including our nonpartisan stance on educational policies and the importance of community involvement in school board elections. She also touched on the critical role of parental engagement and support by introducing our Parent Leadership Partners program, aimed at guiding parents through the complexities of the educational system, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds.

Please take a minute (or seventeen to be precise!) to listen to what President & CEO Catherine Schumacher shared with area listeners.


“It’s an intense time to be an educator right now. It’s an intense time to be a human in society.”


Make a Difference


By supporting the work of Public Education Partners, you’re investing in the future of our community’s youngest citizens.


Support our mission and build a space for supporters to learn, engage, and lift their voices in support of public education.


Support our mission and build a space for supporters to learn, engage, and lift their voices in support of public education.

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