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Our mission is to lead our community in acting collectively to support, strengthen, and advance public education and student achievement in Greenville County Schools.

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SC Superintendent of Education Candidates Share Their Viewpoints on the Issues

Public Education Partners sent a questionnaire to the 2022 SC Superintendent of Education candidates participating in the June 14th Primaries, to get their responses to questions about issues important to educators, community members, and parents. We received responses from Gary Burgess, Sr. (Democrat), Lisa Ellis (Democrat), Kathy Maness (Republican), Ellen Weaver (Republican), and Lynda Leventis-Wells […]

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A Year of Unexpected Surprises

May 13, 2022 by Carley Gant My six word memoir: “August: uncharted territory. May: conquered kindergarten!” —– Picture it: It’s your 18th year of education and you’ve managed to successfully avoid the one grade level that instantly sends you into a panic….kindergarten. Then one day in August, before school begins, it happens. You’re teaching kindergarten! […]

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My Drive to Teach: Find Your WHY

April 22, 2022 by Ashley Causey There has never been a point in my career in education when I have regretted being a teacher. The education profession has become one that is an environment of constant change and in need of improvement, and I love being the heart of that drive for positive change. Educators […]

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