Reflections from the Field: Teacher Town, U.S.A.

A teacher today is being asked to do more than ever before. They must implement more rigorous standards, teach students to succeed in the 21st century, provide differentiated instruction to meet a myriad of learners, employ rapidly changing technology, and support the socio-emotional development of students. Meanwhile, these students increasingly come from low-income families, and speak a language other than English at home.

Simultaneously, recruiting and retaining a high-quality teacher work force has become increasingly challenging:

Now more than ever, we must have the culture, systems, and strategies in place – both in our schools and the Greenville community – to recruit, prepare, and support the development of an excellent teacher corps to succeed and remain in the classroom. By supporting teachers at every point of their careers, we will systemically strengthen the number one in-school factor for student achievement. That factor is quality instruction.

Public Education Partners embraces this vision. Building on our 30 year history of supporting Greenville’s teachers, we are positioned to be a leader in seeing it to fruition. Furthermore, we aspire to incubate a diverse portfolio of strategies, the collection of which will make Greenville a magnet for the recruitment, retention, and advancement of teacher talent. Our emerging portfolio currently includes:

Behind the direction provided by the PEP Board of Directors, hard work and creativity of the PEP leadership team, a close partnership with Greenville County Schools, and support from our community, we will continue to build this portfolio, scale successful initiatives, and “leverage up” the learning and impact we make to yield systems-level improvements. Therefore, if we transform the teaching profession in Greenville, PEP can initiate a ripple effect that positively effects every sector of our community. By doing this, students are more prepared and equipped to graduate ready for college, career, and civic responsibility.

PEP welcomes your ideas, feedback, and partnership to make Greenville “Teacher Town, U.S.A.”

-Dr. Ansel Sanders

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