Elevating Teachers: Resources for Resilience


After hosting Elena Aguilar this week, PEP’s Program Director, Qena Jennings, put together this Elena-inspired list of resources for building resilience – and yes, Brené Brown made the cut!


Resilience Tools from Elena Aguilar

Onward Tools – Onward website with free downloadable tools to boost resilience

We also cannot recommend her book ‘Onward’ enough! The Onward Workbook is a great accompaniment because it gives you a series of exercises and tools to support resilience strategies.


Interesting Podcast Episodes

Podcast: Creating Classroom Community in the Midst of a Global Pandemic – In this episode, Elena coaches Huber Trenado, a teacher (who is also a former student!) on the first steps to fulfill his vision for a virtual classroom where students feel loved and accepted. They also explore what to do in those moments when his confidence lapses and how he can manage anxiety.

Podcast: Coaching a First-Year Teacher – Elena coaches Abigail Brown, a first year teacher, on how to prioritize the overwhelm of teaching in the midst of an unprecedented school year.

Podcast: Intuition is Your Superpower – Elena coaches Isao Osuga, a veteran teacher who is trying to decide “what to do next.” However, what we learn in this podcast is that what we sometimes think we’re trying to figure out is really just the tip of an iceberg and if we don’t look deeper, we won’t find a satisfying answer. This is an intense and moving episode.

Podcast: How to Complete the Stress Cycle – Brené Brown with Emily and Amelia Nagoski on Burnout.


Other Great Resources

EPSD Virtual Calming Room: The EPSD Virtual Calming Room is a place for students, families, faculty and staff to find tools to help manage stress, anxiety, feelings and emotions.

Greater Good in Education: My Well-Being Practices for cultivating the social and emotional well-being of school staff members and SEL for Adults.

Greater Good in Education: October Happiness Calendar

5 Ways to Boost Your Personal Resilience at Work from Harvard Business Review

Positive Affirmations for Teachers from Healthy, Happy Teacher

Happiness Downloads Resources from The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Downloads and Guides from Brené Brown: A collection of resources for work, parenting, the classroom and daily life

COVID-19 Teacher Toolkit: Resilient Educator Tips for teachers, families and students on how to stay healthy, maintain balance, stay motivated, think positively and embrace change.

7 Simple Ways to Sneak Mindfulness into Your Teaching Day

Six Ways for Educators to Avoid Compassion Fatigue How Not to Burn Out When Working with Students with Trauma

Resilient Educators in Times of Crisis: Self-Care for Educators in Times of Crisis Six tips to stay resilient from Lesley University

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