PEP Blog: Elevating Teachers

Public Education Partners is launching a new Elevating Teachers Blog. We are excited to welcome you to this space designed to share messages that uplift, encourage, and inspire educators. Consider it a virtual wellness room – a place where we can help cultivate resilience and empower each other in the midst of challenges and uncertainty. Our hope is to elevate the voices of teachers, and sprinkle in resources and tips from community partners to support Greenville County educators. 

We know that teaching during a pandemic has had its share of challenges and can leave one with a feeling of isolation and a loss of connectivity, especially during these winter months. This blog space is here to help you rejuvenate and to serve as a reminder that local community partners are here for support along the way.

We need your voice.   

Write with us! We love hearing words of wisdom from teachers.  This blog is a platform designed for you to share your voice and tips for maintaining a sense of purpose and wellbeing in and out of the classroom.  To show our gratitude for your time and talent, a $50 stipend will be awarded to each teacher who has a post published.

Here’s what we are looking for…

Teacher wellness tips with self-care and resilience boosting strategies providing social and emotional support for adults;  Inspiring moments from the field and lessons learned; Tips to empower teacher leaders; Professional learning topics of interest and book recommendations to inspire.

Consider sharing…

  • a message about teaching that connects with one of the monthly themes described below 
  • a lesson learned that has helped you grow personally and/or professionally  
  • your “why” – what drives your work and motivates you to show up as your best teacher self 
  • ideas and strategies that build relationships with students and families
  • An “Ah-ha” moment of discovery through reflection that has changed your perspective  

Monthly Themes for 2021


  • January – Cultivating Self-Compassion as Educators: Sharing some ways we care for ourselves in order to care for others.
  • February – Inspiring Courage and Equity: What are some ways we can combat fear, empower others, and show up to teaching with courage and love. Submissions due by February 1st.
  • March –  Learning through Challenges:  This year, what’s something you’ve learned/discovered/rediscovered about yourself, maybe from the students you teach? How do you ask for help when you need it? Who or what can help you along the way?  Submissions due by March 1st. 
  • April – Finding Small Good Things: How recognizing the bright spots as a teacher can help boost resilience and encourage gratitude. Submissions due by April 1st. 
  • May –  I used to think, but now I know:  Reflection as a daily practice to build awareness of how our thinking evolves over time. Submissions due by May 1st. 
  • June – Ways to Recharge this Summer:  Simple ideas to help you decompress and find joy during the summer months. Submissions due by June 1st. 

Submitting a post is simple with these 3 steps…  

  1. Check out the monthly themes above and find one you are interested in writing about.    
  2. Submit your 500-700 word (700 max!) post through this Google Form.  Posts should include in-text citations if applicable and may include one high-resolution image. Please do not mention school names, names of students, family members or your colleagues in your post.
  3. Your post will be reviewed and you will be notified if selected as a feature post on the blog. 


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