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Dear Teacher: Words of Appreciation from PEP’s Board & Staff

    In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, some of PEP’s team and board members shared about teachers that impacted their lives. When we elevate teachers, we elevate our entire community.   Dear Mrs. Greer, Thank you for a happy first grade experience.  Your classroom was a place for embracing friendships and discovering new things, […]

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It’s the Small Things: Finding Peace with Our Busyness

April 30th, 2021 – by Ashley Causey How many times have we, as educators, perused our to-do list and have been so overwhelmed we had to pause and escape?  Maybe we had to have a vent session with a colleague or a quick burst of exercise to clear our mind.  These are examples of finding […]

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What Went Well Today? Cultivating a Practice of Gratitude in the Midst of Challenges

April 16th, 2021 – by DeVita Scott This is hard. Let’s be honest, we can’t begin an authentic conversation about gratitude without acknowledging the tough stuff. Few will dispute that this school year has been full of challenging experiences for everyone. This way of teaching, learning, and leading is uncharted. While venturing into uncharted territory […]

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