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Brought to you by Public Education Partners (PEP), the Elevating Teachers Blog is a space designed to spotlight messages of support and inspiration to our community’s educators. This blog is curated throughout the year with the personal and professional well being of teachers in mind.  Through this platform, PEP will elevate the voices of teachers from the field along with local community partners who are also on a mission to support and uplift educators in our community.  Our hope is that this blog will evoke a sense of community care, honoring teachers who make a difference and providing  a space to write about topics that inspire learning, growth, and connection.    

We need your voice.   

Write with us! We love hearing words of wisdom from teachers.  This blog is a platform designed for you to share your voice and tips for maintaining a sense of purpose and wellbeing in and out of the classroom.  To show our gratitude for your time and talent, a $100 stipend will be awarded to each teacher who has a post published.

Here’s what we are looking for…

  • Teacher wellness tips – stress-management/reduction strategies, resilience strategies, mental health support for adults (NOT Self-Care rhetoric) 
  • Inspiring stories from the field/lessons learned from the field
  • Teacher advocacy and policy related topics
  • Tips for growing as teacher leaders
  • Early career teacher voices
  • Mentor teacher voices 
  • Professional learning topics and book talks/recommendations
  • Community connections and support resources for educators from local community partners

Monthly Topics:

  • November: Tips for Building Your Teacher Efficacy:  “The first step in making a difference is believing you can.”  How do you build yourself up as a teacher?  Why is keeping your level of confidence strong important to the success of your students?   What strategies can help improve teacher efficacy?  What can the communities do to help strengthen teacher efficacy?
  • December:  Mentor Spotlight:  Calling all teacher mentors to share a message of encouragement to new teachers who are navigating their teaching journey.
    • How to help new teachers avoid high levels of fatigue and exhaustion, overwhelm and burnout.  
    • How to  help new teachers find their own unique teaching styles and encourage them to take risks while feeling supported in their growth.    
  • January:  Finding Your Passion:  Fulfilling one’s passion is the key to overall satisfaction.  Your element is the point at which natural talent meets personal passion. What about teaching reassures you that you are in your element?  
  • February:  Practicing Loving Kindness:  How do we strengthen feelings of kindness toward ourselves and others?   
  • March:   Power of Attention:  According to Conscious Discipline, “Our attention illuminates whatever it’s focused on and all else fades into the background.” 
  • April:   Oops! Seeing Mistakes as Opportunities for Growth
  • May:  Wonderment and Awe:  Noticing the aspects of teaching that bring you joy, spark curiosity, and intrigue you.
  • June:   Moving Forward with Hope:  Celebrating your accomplishments this year while looking forward to new beginnings next year.

Submitting a post is simple with these 3 steps…  

  1. Check out the monthly themes and find one you are interested in writing about.    
  2. Submit your 500-700 word (700 max!) post through our online form.  Posts should include in-text citations if applicable and may include one high-resolution image. Please do not mention school names, names of students, family members or your colleagues in your post.
  3. Your post will be reviewed and you will be notified if selected as a feature post on the blog. 


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