About GATE

Launched in 2016 in partnership with Greenville County Schools, GATE recruits candidates with backgrounds in math, science, world languages, English, and social studies to teach in hard-to-fill middle and high school positions in Greenville County Schools, South Carolina’s largest school district supporting over 76,000 students. GATE is a three-year, district-embedded licensure pathway for individuals with bachelor’s degrees in high-need content areas, but no formal education training. The success of the GATE program is due to incorporating the following research-based strategies to support teachers’ entry into and retention through their first three years of teaching:

  • Rigorous pre-service training through a series of 10 online learning modules and an intensive three-week Summer Institute,
  • Wrap-around, individualized supports provided by a Teaching Support Team (TST) comprised of an External Coach, Instructional Coach, mentor teacher, principal, and GATE’s Director, Dr. Candice Moore, and
  • Ongoing individual coaching and content-specific professional development sessions (Learning Labs/Seminars) delivered by district academic specialists and content experts.

At the completion of their three-year commitment, GATE teachers will be recommended for full professional licensure to the South Carolina Department of Education.

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Alumnihood Reception

On May 20, 2019, Public Education Partners and Greenville County Schools celebrated the inaugural GATE cohort’s journey into alumnihood. Seven GATE teachers were recognized for successfully completing the three-year program and earning their South Carolina Professional License. Each teacher was honored with a commemorative pin. 

The Duke Energy Foundation has made a major funding commitment to the program which will be revealed at the opening of the reception. Since 2017, Duke’s substantial contribution and commitment in establishing Duke Energy GATE Fellowships for math and science teachers has allowed the program to continue to grow and reach more schools and students.

GATE Teacher Stories

GATE Teachers are always happy to share their success stories.