#Teach864 is a year-round campaign that Public Education Partners introduced in April 2018 as a way for the greater Greenville Community to show recognition and support for teachers. Public Education Partners brings the community together to shine the light on the teaching profession. #Teach864 is a campaign that recognizes the extraordinary work of teachers by hosting events and providing resources that inspire classroom innovation.

Feeling valued professionally by the community is an important consideration for many teachers when deciding on a place to live and work. We believe that the community plays a role in supporting the retention efforts of our local school district by providing the wraparound encouragement and recognition that our teachers need to thrive.

#Teach864 Night

Each spring, Public Education Partners (PEP) joins hands with our partners from Greenville County Schools and the Greenville Drive for a night of baseball at Fluor Field designed to recognize and celebrate our community’s teachers.  As part of celebrating the hard-working and dedicated teachers of Greenville County, teachers attending #Teach864 Night will receive a complimentary ‘My Drive to Teach’ t-shirt along with a food voucher to redeem at the ballpark. PEP hosts a special pre-game picnic to recognize first-year teachers, mentor teachers, and each school’s Teacher of the Year. Save the date for April 21, 2020!

Community Parterships

Public Education Partners is proud to work with the following sponsors for our #Teach864 annual events.

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