Empowering Advocates

Parent. Supporter. Teacher. Champion.However you serve, Public Education Partners is building a space for you to learn, engage, and lift your voice in support of Greenville County’s students, teachers and public schools.

We are engaging on issues like the teacher shortage crisis by growing a corps of community advocates, informing policy decisions at the state and local level, and empowering new leaders in public education.

To solve the biggest challenges faced by our District, we have to identify their root causes and dig deep. We hope you’ll join us in this work. To learn more, check out our current policy priorities, visit InformEdsc.org to grow your public education knowledge, and sign up to receive advocacy news and alerts.

Take Action

Make your voice heard! Learn more about the issues, find out who represents you, and encourage them to take action to strengthen and advance public education and student achievement for every student in Greenville County Schools.

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Legislative Agenda

Our Legislative Agenda details our advocating stance on several key pieces of legislation that we feel are important levers towards creating quality public education in Greenville County and beyond. Stay informed!

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Teacher Fellows Cohort

In 2020, PEP will offer two opportunities for Greenville County teachers to develop advocacy and leadership skills – through our inaugural Teacher Fellows cohort or by serving in an advisory role on our Teacher Advisory Council.

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Access the tools you need to be an effective public education champion, from high quality data to policy papers to advocacy guidelines. We’ll help you stay informed and engaged in order to be a powerful advocate.

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