Rejuvenation and Reboot Session: Strategies for Teaching with Less Turbulence

Hey Thriving Teacher!

 Are you ready to experience a rewarding and fulfilling teaching career – no matter what changes get thrown at you?

In this “Teach With Less Turbulence” session, you’re going to start feeling rejuvenated and motivated to do just that. You’ll learn exactly how to overcome many of the struggles you’ve been facing lately. If you no longer want to stay trapped in the cycle of high hopes and demoralization, then let the tools in this session help support you in becoming stronger and happier than you ever imagined so that you can love teaching again and make a difference for those who need you most.

I know you’ve got a big heart but a finite bandwidth when it comes to the overwhelming pressures and demands you’ve been faced with lately. 

I’m here to tell you that you deserve to embrace and celebrate the unique teacher you are while finding out exactly how to THRIVE with less stress and more joy.

Your time is limited and valuable. As a teacher and mom, I know firsthand how busy you are, which is why I PROMISE to make this session worth your while…so pencil it in your planner and make it a priority. Set aside the time JUST FOR YOU because you’re worth the time.

PLUS: when you show up to this session, you’re ALSO going to get a FREE digital copy of my book, Freed To Teach: 7 Keys To Thrive In an Era Of Uncertainty. (It was a #1 New Release in Education Problem-Solving and has been called a “must-read for any educator!”)

Here’s what you’re going to discover in the “Teach With Less Turbulence” session:


  • a proven 4-step process to implementing a real plan not just for your self-care, but your SOUL care, so that you can feel rejuvenated and EQUIPPED on every level. (This part of the session has been called “powerful” and “life-changing” by hundreds of teachers!
  • a safe, affirming space to connect and share your experiences and actually receive the support, encouragement that can get you moving forward

Now here’s the thing: this session is something I want you to put at the top of your list before the new semester. All those other things you have on your plate? They’re no joke, I know. But what you’re going to find out in this session is going to HELP with all those tasks and demands. You’re going to learn exactly how to find and create more time, more energy, and more JOY.  So consider this your PERMISSION SLIP to make your own well-being a priority by prioritizing the workshop. You’re WORTH IT.

I look forward to hopefully seeing you very soon in the session.

Thank you for being in this world as a teacher and doing your magic each and every day. You are seen, valued, and appreciated. If nobody else tells you today, you rock! 


Meredith Newlin