OnTrack Greenville Teacher Retention Grants

Purpose: Public Education Partners (PEP) is offering a special $2000 teacher retention grant to each of the OnTrack schools in Greenville County. As an extension of our Mullin’s Grant for Quality Teaching, the goal of this grant is to support OnTrack Greenville schools as they customize and implement solutions that help increase the likelihood of teachers returning to the same teaching site the following year. 

This grant seeks to provide additional funding for innovative, school-wide efforts to reduce teacher burnout and boost teacher morale. Initiatives that promote teacher social and emotional wellbeing, establish new ways to recognize and celebrate teachers and/or address the professional learning needs of educators are strongly encouraged.    

Eligibility: Principals at the following OnTrack Greenville schools are invited to submit a request for this school-wide teacher retention grant:   

Berea Middle School

Greenville Early College

Lakeview Middle School

Tanglewood Middle School

Berea High School 

Carolina High School

Funding: Each OnTrack Greenville school has the opportunity to receive one $2000 grant. Administrators are asked to complete a brief submission form requesting available funds within the 2020-21 school year. Checks will be mailed to school principals once submission forms are received and approved by Public Education Partners. You will be asked to attach a brief project budget to your submission outlining how you plan to spend the grant funds once received.     

Note: Grant recipients will be asked to submit a brief final report to PEP in June to include an outline of budget actuals and a description of outcomes. A final report template will be sent when checks are mailed. 


To submit your funding request, click here.