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Public Education Partners is committed to supporting the recruitment and retention of high quality teachers in Greenville County Schools. The Mullins Grant aims to help fund school-wide, innovative strategies that boost teacher retention in schools and help school leaders meet their strategic goals in this area.   

PEP will award four grants to schools, each for up to $2500!

As you are planning ahead with your administrative team for next school year, consider applying for this funding opportunity brought to you by Public Education Partners. We’d love to join you in elevating the experiences of teachers who are making a difference in the lives of students in your school!

Application submissions are due by July 31st, 2024.

Up to $2,500 per award!

Open to all schools in Greenville County Schools.

Applicants should explore goals related to teacher retention, including but not limited to overall teacher retention, new teacher retention, content-specific teacher retention, and grade-level specific teacher retention.

School-wide initiatives focusing on strategies such as new teacher on-boarding, enhanced mentoring programs, adult social-emotional health and teacher wellness, and/or establishing teacher recognitions are strongly encouraged.

Please take time to read through the GRANT GUIDELINES before applying. Through our grant programs, Public Education Partners is committed to fostering more equitable outcomes for students, teachers and schools. With that in mind, the grants review committee strongly considers school demographics such as poverty index level and Title One status when making final funding decisions.


Public Education Partners (PEP) loved giving out microgrants this past school year. These grants are designed to be used towards the classroom resource and supply needs of teachers in Greenville County Schools. 

PEP is proud to help support student learning and engagement in this way by providing an opportunity for teachers to receive $200 for immediate and flexible-spending. Up to fifty (50) microgrants will be awarded in December. 
Microgrants can help offset the costs associated with a variety of classroom supplies for teaching and instruction.  Examples of items covered by a microgrant include…
  • classroom supplies (paper, pencils, crayons, markers) 
  • chairs or materials to create flexible seating
  • supplies to support science experiments, arts-integration, and/or project-based learning experiences
  • field trip funding support
  • content or theme-based specific books for classroom instruction (i.e. mentor texts for writing instruction, sets for student book clubs)
  • materials and/or resources for implementation of Conscious Discipline in the classroom
  • math manipulatives
  • bins for classroom library organization
  • resources to enrich outdoor and/or indoor recess
  • technology subscriptions to learning apps or resources 
  • resources or supplies to extend learning at home
  • and much, much more…
Submissions will be accepted through Monday, December 11th.   There is a limit of one (1) grant per teacher, and a limit of two (2) per school. Grant submissions will be reviewed and decisions will be made by a grants committee comprised of PEP staff and board members. Funding notifications will be sent out by December 19th. Grant recipients will receive checks mailed from PEP directly to their schools.  
Purchases should be made January 3-31, 2024.  Grant recipients must commit to sending a brief impact summary along with photos and digital receipts to PEP, no later than Wednesday, January 31st (a summary form will be sent to each grant recipient to complete). Failure to submit required documentation will result in loss of eligibility for future grant programs.
If you have any questions about PEP’s Elevate Teachers Microgrants, please contact Qena Jennings at

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Support our mission and build a space for supporters to learn, engage, and lift their voices in support of public education.

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